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Samot Engineering Ltd.
The Future in Electric Drives.
Sirotech Ltd.
Microbial quality control of food and medical products.
Fabia Engineering Ltd.
Innovative solutions based on liquid crystal technology.
Ofil Ltd.
UV bandpass solar blind optical filters.
Al-Coat Ltd.
Electro-optic components based on conducive polymers
Nova-Sorb Ltd.
Water absorbing polymers.
Inter-Nevet Ltd.
Processing of tomato seeds.
Placa Ltd.
Transducer and system for high precision measurement of angular coordinates.
Plasma Model Ltd.
Superior quality low cost plasma spraying.
Bio-Feed Ltd.
Bioconversion of agricultural vegetal residues into animal feed.
Pharma-Whey Ltd.
Utilization of cheese whey for personal care
And dermatological products.
Vascular Technologies Ltd.
Vein entry indicator.
Archaezyme Ltd.
Ultrastable enzymes.
Galore Scantec Ltd.
A high resolution two-dimensional code reader.
Spin Light Ltd.
Digital sign\display with 360 visibility.
Zetiq Ltd. (formerly Cellstain)
Cancer cell identification by selective staining
ANS Ltd.
Biochemical diagnosis of predisposition to epilepsy and monitoring of anti-epileptic treatment monitoring.
Inn Diagnostics Ltd.
Innovation in urinalysis: laboratory test for determining propensity to form Calcium oxalate kidney stones.
Advanced Coatings International Ltd.
Environmentally friendly coatings used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.
Gym- In Ltd.
A comuterized physical training monitoring system.
Digidex Ltd.
Dental digital x-ray.
Spring Diagnostics Ltd.
Fast diagnosis of violent bacteria.
InCell Ltd.
In-vitro plant growing devices.
Empac Ltd.
Superplastisizers additives to concrete.
Strong Steps Ltd.
Automated freight conveying system.
Genepoint Ltd.
Genetic determination of pet birds gender.
Conrad Ltd.
Cleaning and disinfecting technology for the food industry.
Turbo Tech Ltd.
High Efficiency Turbines
BioKine Therapeutics Ltd.
Innovative technologies for identification inhibitors of inflammatory diseases.
AEBi Ltd.
Combinatorial biology technology for drug discovery.

Incubator for Technological Entrepreneurship Kiryat Weizmann Ltd