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What does an ITEK's entrepreneur get -
The road from ideas to a start up company

Once a project is approved it can benefit from the following:
Scientific support by Weizmann Institute staff.
Access to Weizmann Institute scientific equipment and libraries.
A financial budget extended by the Office of the Chief Scientist, Ministry of Industry and Trade and additional investors.
Establishment of contacts with the industrial and scientific community.
Assistance in the search for additional financing and/or strategic partners.
Advice on business planing, financial and management expertise.
Floor space including a conference room.
Administrative services.

Projects' Acceptance Criteria
ITEK's start-up projects should:
Develop hi-tech products.
Well-defined technological novelty.
High commercial potential (for the international market).
Highly motivated entrepreneurs.
A development period of about 2 years.
Can be developed within the budget.

Acceptable Fields For Project:
Applied Physics - Instrumentation.
Industrial Technology.
Medical Technology.
Computer Science.
Applied Mathematics.
Biology and Biotechnology.

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